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Playable classes in MudGate

As you embark on your journey through MudGate, the class you choose will be your companion, guiding your actions and defining your role in the world. Will you be a brave warrior, charging into battle with sword and shield? Or perhaps a devout cleric, using your faith and divine magic to heal your allies and smite your enemies?

No matter which path you choose, your class will be a crucial part of your adventures in MudGate. It will determine the skills and abilities at your disposal, shaping your playstyle and defining your strengths and weaknesses.

Known playable classes in MudGate

In the vast and frozen realm of Icemire, the portals to each class and guild can be found scattered throughout the land. These portals serve as gateways to the different regions and communities within Icemire, each one accessible only to those who possess the proper training and abilities.

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