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Aid, level 7 (Passive buff)

Energy regeneration increases as you are low on energy.

Passively increases the adrenaline output into the bloodstream, which increases the transportation of oxygen to parts of the body and provides superior energy regeneration.

On success target get 8 energy pool until canceled or ended and get 1+vit/8 energy regeneration until canceled or ended.

Ability information

  • This ability costs 30 energy points to execute.
  • This ability has a prepare time of 2 seconds.
  • This ability has a cooldown of 9 seconds.
  • The target of this ability is yourself.

Origin story

Aid is a spell that passively increases the adrenaline output into the bloodstream, providing superior energy regeneration and allowing the body to transport oxygen to its various parts more efficiently. This results in increased strength and endurance, making it easier for the Sunseeker to endure the challenges of battle and continue fighting against the forces of darkness.

The origins of Aid can be traced back to the time of the first Sunseekers, who were called upon by their deity to defend the realms of the light against the forces of darkness. They were given the gift of Aid to help them endure the long and challenging battles that lay ahead, and it has been passed down through the ages to the Sunseekers of today.

Aid is a powerful ability that is highly prized by Sunseekers, as it allows them to tap into the divine strength of their deity and fight on even when their own reserves are depleted. It is a symbol of their faith and devotion to the god of light, and is a testament to their unwavering commitment to the cause of righteousness.

Abilities are linked to certain classes and can be used by both players and non-player characters (NPCs). To use most abilities, you must first learn them and sometimes invest points into them. Occasionally, you may come across special ability scrolls with a limited number of uses. These scrolls allow you to use the ability even if you have not learned it, but you can only use the ability a certain number of times before the scroll is depleted.

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