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Inflict Wounds, level 1 (Attack)

Channel the power of the sun to inflict wounds upon your enemy.

You channel the power of the sun to inflict grievous wounds upon your enemies, causing their skin to erupt in blisters of radiant energy. The energy continues to burn for a short time, dealing additional damage.

On success target do 20+int radiant damage.

Ability information

  • This ability costs 18 energy points to execute.
  • This ability has a prepare time of 1.5 seconds.
  • This ability has a cooldown of 7 seconds.
  • The target of this ability is attacker.

Origin story

The power of Inflict Wounds is one that is wielded by the Sunseeker clerics with great caution and responsibility. It is a potent tool for purging the darkness from the world, but it must be wielded with care, for it is also a power that can be easily corrupted and turned against the light.

According to legend, the ability to Inflict Wounds was first revealed to the Sunseekers during a time of great crisis in the realm of Lowbird Forest. A powerful necromancer had risen to power, summoning forth hordes of undead to do his bidding and spreading his dark influence throughout the land. The Sunseekers, tasked with defending the light and vanquishing the forces of darkness, knew that they needed a new weapon in their arsenal if they were to have any hope of defeating this shadowy foe.

It was then that a group of Sunseekers, led by a powerful and wise cleric named Solara, set out on a quest to find a way to strike at the heart of the necromancer's power. They traveled deep into the Miserable Lands, a harsh and unforgiving region scarred by volcanic activity, where they believed they would find the answer to their prayers.

After many days of travel and intense spiritual meditation, Solara received a revelation from their deity. They were shown a ritual that would allow them to channel the power of the sun itself, using its purifying energy to burn away the darkness that had taken root in the realm.

With the guidance of their deity, the Sunseekers performed the ritual and unleashed the full power of Inflict Wounds upon the necromancer and his undead army. The light of the sun burned through the darkness, causing the skin of the undead to erupt in bleeding wounds and causing them to fall in droves. The necromancer, unable to withstand the power of the sun, was also struck down, and the realm was saved from his tyranny.

Since that time, the ability to Inflict Wounds has been passed down from generation to generation of Sunseekers, always with the understanding that it is a powerful and dangerous weapon that must be used with care and caution.

Abilities are linked to certain classes and can be used by both players and non-player characters (NPCs). To use most abilities, you must first learn them and sometimes invest points into them. Occasionally, you may come across special ability scrolls with a limited number of uses. These scrolls allow you to use the ability even if you have not learned it, but you can only use the ability a certain number of times before the scroll is depleted.

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