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Kick, level 1 (Attack)

Use your leg to kick your foes.

In a melee attack, you can follow up with an additional powerful kick, having a chance of stunning your opponent. This is especially true if you're wearing metal boots.

On success target do 5.5 bludgeoning damage and have 25% to get stun on hit for 4.5 rounds.

Ability information

  • This ability costs 6 energy points to execute.
  • This ability has a prepare time of 0.5 seconds.
  • This ability has a cooldown of 3 seconds.
  • The target of this ability is attacker.

Origin story

In the realm of MudGate, the art of the kick is a technique that has been passed down through the ages, from one generation of warriors to the next. It is said that the kick was first discovered by a group of Lowbird forest dwellers who, in their struggle to survive in the wild, learned to use their feet as weapons to fend off predators.

As the technique spread, it was refined and honed by fighters from all corners of the realm, each adding their own unique spin to the move. The Moaning highlands berserkers, for example, developed a fierce, bone-crushing kick that could shatter an opponent's armor, while the Hanging cliffs rangers learned to use their kicks to stun and disorient their foes.

Today, the kick is a fundamental part of combat training for warriors across MudGate, and those who master its power are highly respected and feared on the battlefield. Whether it is used to break bones, or simply knock an opponent off balance, the kick is a formidable weapon in the hands of a skilled fighter.

Abilities are linked to certain classes and can be used by both players and non-player characters (NPCs). To use most abilities, you must first learn them and sometimes invest points into them. Occasionally, you may come across special ability scrolls with a limited number of uses. These scrolls allow you to use the ability even if you have not learned it, but you can only use the ability a certain number of times before the scroll is depleted.

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