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Temporal Explosion, level 4 (Attack)

Unleashes a small explosion that rips through time itself.

By manipulating the fabric of time with your magic, you create a powerful explosion that tears through the temporal plane, dealing damage to all enemies in a small area.

On success target do 25 psychic damage.

Ability information

  • This ability costs 30 energy points to execute.
  • This ability has a prepare time of 2 seconds.
  • This ability has a cooldown of 25 seconds.
  • The target of this ability is all, except party, and yourself.
  • The preparation for this ability can be interrupted by combat.
  • This ability has a range of 2 to 4 cells.
  • This ability has a ranged span of 40 degrees.

Origin story

In the Bone Sea, there was a legend about a Time Tinkerer named Zara, who was known for her unrivaled mastery of temporal magic. Zara was fascinated by the destructive power of magic and was always on the lookout for new ways to enhance her abilities.

One day, while exploring the desolate landscape of the Bone Sea, Zara came across a strange artifact that seemed to hum with a powerful energy. Drawn by its mysterious allure, she picked it up, and as she did so, she felt a sudden surge of power coursing through her body.

In that moment, Zara realized that she could channel the artifact's energy into her temporal magic, creating a spell of unparalleled destructive force. With a wave of her hand, she unleashed a massive explosion that tore through the very fabric of time itself.

Abilities are linked to certain classes and can be used by both players and non-player characters (NPCs). To use most abilities, you must first learn them and sometimes invest points into them. Occasionally, you may come across special ability scrolls with a limited number of uses. These scrolls allow you to use the ability even if you have not learned it, but you can only use the ability a certain number of times before the scroll is depleted.

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