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Temporal Strike, level 4 (Attack)

Charges forward with a burst of time energy.

By channeling time magic, you charge forward with a burst of temporal energy, striking your enemy and causing temporal damage.

On success target do 29 psychic damage and get stun on hit for 4.5 rounds.

Ability information

  • This ability costs 30 energy points to execute.
  • This ability has a prepare time of 2 seconds.
  • This ability has a cooldown of 60 seconds.
  • The target of this ability is attacker.
  • The preparation for this ability can be interrupted by combat.
  • This ability has a range of 4 to 11 cells.
  • This ability has a ranged span of 1 degrees.

Origin story

In the desolate realm of Bone Sea, a powerful Lich terrorized the land with its dark magic. The Shield Knights, renowned defenders of MudGate, were unable to halt its advance. But a group of Time Tinkerers discovered a spell that could disrupt the Lich's connection to the fabric of time: Temporal Strike.

By channeling time magic, the Time Tinkerers charged forward with a burst of temporal energy that stunned the Lich. This created an opening for the Sunseekers, enlightened clerics charged with destroying darkness. They channeled their divine light into the Lich, leaving it vulnerable to further attacks.

Together, the Sunseekers, Time Tinkerers, and Shield Knights battled fiercely against the Lich. With its dark magic weakened, the Sunseekers delivered the final blow, their divine light consuming the Lich and banishing it from the world.

Abilities are linked to certain classes and can be used by both players and non-player characters (NPCs). To use most abilities, you must first learn them and sometimes invest points into them. Occasionally, you may come across special ability scrolls with a limited number of uses. These scrolls allow you to use the ability even if you have not learned it, but you can only use the ability a certain number of times before the scroll is depleted.

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