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MudGate Armor & Protection

Armor provides protection to the body by covering it with durable materials. The level of protection provided by armor is measured by its armor class (AC). The maximum AC of an armor piece is 20, and this value can be increased through the use of protection spells or abilities.

Armor types and protection

The following list shows the different types of armor available, along with the percentage of protection they provide:

  • Cloth 56%
  • Padded 61%
  • Leather 61%
  • Studded leather 66%
  • Hide 66%
  • Chain 72%
  • Scale 78%
  • Breastplate 78%
  • Half plate 83%
  • Ring mail 78%
  • Chain mail 89%
  • Splint 94%
  • Plate 100%

Note: It's important to note that while armor can provide protection against physical damage, it may not be effective against certain types of damage.

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