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MudGate combat

In this turn-based game, each turn lasts for 2 seconds. During each turn, players have the opportunity to attack their enemies using weapons or abilities. There are two types of attacks: melee and ranged. Melee attacks involve physically striking an enemy with a weapon, while ranged attacks involve using a projectile or other long-range method to attack from a distance.

Players can also use defensive abilities to protect themselves or their allies from harm, such as by creating barriers or dodging incoming attacks. Offensive abilities, on the other hand, are designed to deal damage to enemies or disrupt their actions.

In addition to these abilities, players can also use defensive and offensive buffs to enhance their own or their allies' abilities. Defensive buffs may increase a character's resistance to damage or grant temporary invincibility, while offensive buffs may increase the power or speed of attacks.

Finally, players can also gain passive buffs, which are permanent enhancements that do not require any active effort to use. These may include increases to a character's overall stats or the chance to trigger special effects when certain conditions are met.

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