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MudGate commands

In Mudgate, you can use text commands to do different things in the game, like expressing emotions, interacting with other players, and interacting with game objects. These commands are available in the log window and can be used by typing them into the text input field and pressing enter.

To interact with a game object that supports commands, type the command into the text input field and press enter. Some game objects may have secret commands that can only be found by reading the object's description and looking for clues. For example, you might use a command to buy food from a merchant, press a button on a portal, or use the "take all" command to pick up nearby items.

In addition to these object-specific commands, there are also system commands that can be used to do things like taking, dropping, wearing, removing, wielding, and giving items. You can see a list of available system commands by going to the PLAYER'S GUIDE from the main menu in the game.

This feature is based on text-based MUDs (multi-user dungeons), which were popular in the early days of online gaming and let players interact with virtual worlds through text-based commands.

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