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MudGate damage types and protection

In MudGate, there are several types of damage that can be inflicted on characters, such as acid, bludgeoning, cold, and more.

These damage types can be either physical or elemental in nature and can be caused by a variety of sources, including monster attacks, spells, and weapons. For example, a black dragon's corrosive breath can deal acid damage, while a giant's club can deal bludgeoning damage.

It's also possible to mitigate the damage received by using armor or other effects that protect against a specific damage type or physical or elemental damage in general.

Physical damage types

Bludgeoning damage is inflicted by blunt force attacks, such as hammers and falling.

Piercing damage is inflicted by puncturing and impaling attacks, such as spears.

Slashing damage is inflicted by swords, axes, and monsters' claws.

Bite damage can be inflicted by monster bites.

Chop damage is inflicted by axes.

Claw damage is inflicted by monster's claws.

Lash damage is inflicted by lashing attacks such as a whip.

Elemental damage types

Acid damage is inflicted by the corrosive spray of a black dragon's breath or the dissolving enzymes secreted by a black pudding.

Cold damage is inflicted by the infernal chill radiating from an ice devil's spear or the frigid blast of a white dragon's breath.

Fire damage is inflicted by a torch or a red dragons' breath and many spells that conjure flames.

Force damage is pure magical energy focused into a damaging form, most often inflicted by spells such as magic missile and spiritual weapon.

Lightning damage is inflicted by lightning bolt spells and a blue dragon's breath.

Necrotic damage is inflicted by certain undead and spells such as chill touch.

Poison damage is inflicted by venomous stings or the toxic gas of a green dragon's breath.

Psychic damage is inflicted by mental abilities such as a mind flayer's psionic blast.

Radiant damage is inflicted by a cleric's flame strike spell or an angel's smiting weapon.

Thunder damage is inflicted by a concussive burst of sound, such as the effect of the thunderwave spell.

Life drain damage is a special type of damage that magically bypasses all types of resistance, stealing the life force from the victim.

Protection against damage

Armor is a type of protective equipment that covers the body and is made from durable materials such as metal, leather, or hide. Its primary function is to provide protection against physical damage, which can be inflicted by a variety of sources such as weapons or spells.

The effectiveness of armor in providing protection is measured by its armor class (AC), which ranges to a maximum of 20. The higher the AC, the more protection the armor provides. The different types of armor that offer protection include cloth armor, which provides the least amount of protection (56%), and plate armor, which provides the highest level of protection (100%).

It's important to note that while armor can provide protection against physical damage, it may not be effective against certain types of damage such as elemental damage or life drain damage. These types of damage may bypass physical defenses and require specialized protection or resistance to mitigate their effects.

Additionally, different parts of the body may have different levels of protection based on the armor worn, with larger pieces of armor such as chest plates offering more protection than smaller pieces such as rings.

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