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Humans vary widely in physical characteristics. Skin tones and features are influenced by regional ancestry.

  • The average weight is 70 kilograms.
  • The average height is 170 centimeters.
  • The average lifespan is 60 years.
  • The average walking speed is 7 blocks per second.
  • The species body size is considered medium.
  • This species regenerates health and energy slowly.
  • This species has an average visual perception.
  • Human is a playable race.

Origin story

The Humans of Mudgate are a diverse and adaptable race, able to thrive in a wide variety of realms and environments. They are known for their resourcefulness and determination, qualities that have allowed them to carve out a place for themselves in even the most hostile of lands.

In the Lowbird Forest, the Humans have built small villages and communities, living alongside the other races in harmony. They are skilled hunters and farmers, and their knowledge of the land has helped them to thrive in this lush, verdant realm.

In the Deep Forest, the Humans have had to contend with all manner of dangers, from fierce beasts and malevolent spirits to treacherous terrain and unpredictable weather. Despite these challenges, they have managed to establish themselves as a formidable force, relying on their quick wits and tenacity to survive in this harsh and unforgiving land.

The Miserable Lands are perhaps the most inhospitable realm for Humans, as the constant volcanic activity makes it a treacherous and volatile place to live. Still, some brave souls have managed to eke out a living in this harsh environment, carving out small settlements in the lava-scarred earth.

In the Hanging Cliffs, Humans have found a home in the rugged, mountainous terrain, building sturdy strongholds and fortresses to defend against the dangers that lurk in the shadows. They are skilled climbers and warriors, and their knowledge of the land has helped them to thrive in this harsh and unforgiving realm.

The Moaning Highlands are a frozen tundra, a land of icy winds and bitter cold. Here, Humans have learned to adapt to the harsh conditions, building sturdy shelters and huddling around warm fires to stay alive. They are a hardy and resilient people, and their determination has helped them to survive in this unforgiving land.

As a race, Humans have had to contend with all manner of enemies and notable beings throughout their history in Mudgate. They have battled fierce orcs and trolls, malevolent drow and goblins, and all manner of supernatural creatures. Despite these challenges, they have always managed to emerge victorious, thanks to their courage, resourcefulness, and unwavering spirit. So, they are one of the most powerful and respected races in the realms of Mudgate.

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