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Orcs are large, formidable humanoids. They have a muscular build and rough skin that is often green or grey.

  • The average weight is 80 kilograms.
  • The average height is 175 centimeters.
  • The average lifespan is 40 years.
  • The average walking speed is 7 blocks per second.
  • The species body size is considered medium.
  • This species regenerates health and energy slowly.
  • This species has an average visual perception.
  • Orc is a playable race.

Origin story

The Orcs of Mudgate are a somewhat uncommon race, known for their strength, ferocity, and brutal nature. They are a proud and honorable people, with a deep sense of tradition and a fierce loyalty to their clans.

In the Hanging Cliffs, the Orcs have made their home among the rugged, mountainous terrain. They are skilled warriors and hunters, and their physical prowess and endurance make them well-suited to the harsh conditions of this realm.

Despite their formidable reputation, the Orcs are not without their enemies in Mudgate. They have long been at odds with the Humans, Elves, and Dwarves, who view them as barbarians and savages. The Orcs have also had to contend with all manner of supernatural creatures, from fierce beasts and malevolent spirits to malevolent drow and goblins.

Despite these challenges, the Orcs have always managed to emerge victorious, thanks to their strength, courage, and determination. They are a proud and honorable people, and they will stop at nothing to defend their clans and their way of life.

There are many notable Orcs in Mudgate, each one a formidable warrior and leader. Some, such as Grondar the Destroyer and Ulfgar the Unbreakable, are renowned for their combat prowess and have left a trail of vanquished enemies in their wake. Others, such as Gorg the Wise and Karg the Craftsman, are known for their wisdom and skill in other fields, and are respected by their clans for their knowledge and expertise.

Overall, the Orcs of Mudgate are a formidable and respected race, feared by their enemies and revered by their allies. They are a proud and honorable people, with a deep sense of tradition and a fierce loyalty to their clans. So, they are one of the most powerful races in the realms of Mudgate.

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