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Endless dungeon

Recommended levels 1 to 255

Embark on an epic adventure as you delve deep into the endless dungeon, facing off against a multitude of monsters and searching for treasures and powerful gear to aid you on your journey. As you explore the winding corridors and chambers of the dungeon, keep an eye out for gravestones that can be smashed to uncover hidden loot and chest left behind by brave, but doomed, dungeoneers. With each objective you complete and each monster you defeat, you'll grow stronger and better equipped to take on the bosses that lurk within the depths of the dungeon. Ultimately, you'll have to face off against the ultimate boss at the bottom, testing your skills and strength to the limit. Can you emerge victorious and conquer the endless dungeon?

More about Endless dungeon

  • This realm is Fine in size.
  • The maximum number of players for an instance is 4.
  • The recommended level range for this realm is 1 to 255.
  • This realm has a player-versus-environment (PVE) focus.
  • Looting player corpses is not allowed.

Origin story

Long ago, there was a group of adventurers known for their bravery and cunning. Led by a fierce warrior named Aric, they had braved many dangers and explored many mysterious and treacherous places.

One day, they heard of a strange and ancient dungeon called the Endless Dungeon, said to be located deep beneath the earth and accessible through portals in both Icemire and Lowbird Forest. It was rumored to be filled with endless levels of monsters, traps, and powerful enemy champions guarding its secrets.

Despite the danger, Aric and his companions were not afraid. They knew that conquering the Endless Dungeon would grant them great treasures and make them legends in their own right.

They set out for Icemire, traveling through the icy tundra of the Moaning Highlands and the desolate Triset Forest until they reached the entrance to the Endless Dungeon. There, they found a series of magical portals that led down into the depths of the earth.

For days and weeks, they explored the endless levels of the dungeon, fighting through hordes of monsters and overcoming traps and obstacles. Their determination never wavered, even when faced with challenges that seemed insurmountable.

Finally, they reached the bottom of the Endless Dungeon, where they faced the final enemy champion guarding the dungeon's greatest secrets. In a fierce and epic battle, they defeated the champion and claimed legendary treasures as their own.

From then on, the Endless Dungeon became a place of legend, where brave adventurers could test their mettle against the forces of darkness and emerge victorious. To this day, it remains a place of mystery and danger, where heroes can earn their place in the annals of history.

Realms are specially designed areas that can be either private or open to other players. Private realms are exclusive to you, while open realms allow you to interact with other players. Dungeons, on the other hand, are randomly generated areas that are associated with a specific realm. They can usually only be accessed by a small group of players at a time, making each experience unique and exciting.

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