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Hanging Cliffs

Recommended levels 15 to 23

The highland realm is a rugged and treacherous landscape, dotted with dense forests and tall, jagged rocks. Navigating this realm can be challenging, as the terrain is difficult to traverse and the dense foliage makes it easy to get lost. This realm is home to the orc tribe known as the Oak-Scream, who are known for their skill with armor and shields. The Oak-Scream are not particularly welcoming to outsiders, and those who venture into their territory may find themselves met with hostility.

More about Hanging Cliffs

  • This realm is large in size.
  • The maximum number of players for an instance is 50.
  • The recommended level range for this realm is 15 to 23.
  • This realm has a player-versus-environment (PVE) focus.
  • Looting player corpses is not allowed.

Origin story

The highland realm of Hanging Cliffs is a rugged and treacherous landscape, dotted with dense forests and tall, jagged rocks. It is home to the orc tribe known as the Oak-Scream, who are skilled in armor and shields.

In the early days of the MudGate world, Hanging Cliffs was just one of many realms connected to Icemire through the ancient gates. The Oak-Scream orcs lived in small clans scattered throughout the realm, but they were constantly threatened by the dark spirits that lurked in the shadows. These spirits were able to possess the orcs, driving them mad with rage and violence.

One day, a group of travelers from Icemire stumbled upon Hanging Cliffs while exploring the ancient gates. These travelers were led by a powerful sunseeker cleric, who had been seeking new realms to spread the light of their god.

Upon arriving in Hanging Cliffs, the sunseeker and their companions were confronted by the Oak-Scream orcs. The orcs, who had never seen outsiders before, were wary and hostile, but the sunseeker was able to calm them with their powers of enlightenment.

The sunseeker learned of the dark spirits that plagued the orcs and saw an opportunity to help. They formed an alliance with the Oak-Scream, and together they worked to hold the dark spirits in place with powerful protective spells.

Over time, the connection between Hanging Cliffs and Icemire grew stronger, and the ancient gates became a vital link between the two realms. Today, the Oak-Scream orcs are still a powerful presence in Hanging Cliffs, and they continue to defend their realm against the darkness that threatens to consume it. Though the dark spirits remain, held in place by the protective spells, they are no longer able to possess and control the orcs as they once did.

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