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Recommended levels 5 to 19

Icemire is the central realm that connects all other realms. It is a place where travelers can seek guidance and assistance. In addition, Icemire is home to portals that provide access to the various classes and guilds of the world. At one time, Icemire was home to many gates that provided access to other realms. However, over time, these gates have fallen into disrepair, and many secrets have been lost. Despite this, there is still hope for those who seek to uncover the secrets of the realm. A wizard named Valo resides in a large town within the Backbone, and may be able to provide assistance in recovering lost knowledge. Despite the challenges faced by those who seek to uncover the secrets of the realm, Icemire remains a vital hub of activity and connection for all realms. It is a place of great importance and potential, and offers a unique opportunity for those brave enough to seek out its secrets and explore its many mysteries.

More about Icemire

  • This realm is huge in size.
  • The maximum number of players for an instance is 500.
  • The recommended level range for this realm is 5 to 19.
  • This realm has a player-versus-environment (PVE) focus.
  • This realm has objectives for players to solve.
  • This realm has dungeons for players to explore.
  • Looting player corpses is not allowed.

Origin story

The Goblin War was a turning point in the history of Icemire, a land filled with powerful mages and brave warriors. It all began when a horde of goblins emerged from the underworld and wreaked havoc on the realm, destroying the surface portals that were guarded by the mages. These portals were essential for maintaining peace and order between the realms, and their destruction left the people of Icemire vulnerable to the goblin invasion.

In response, the vikings of Icemire - a group of strong and fearless fighters - joined forces with the mages to defend their home. They journeyed through treacherous forests and icy tundras, facing all manner of dangers along the way.

When they finally confronted the goblin horde, they engaged in a fierce battle. The goblins were fierce and relentless, but the vikings and mages fought with all their might, using their strength and magic to push the invaders back.

The battle was long and brutal, with both sides suffering heavy losses. But in the end, the combined efforts of the vikings and mages proved triumphant. They drove the goblins back to the underworld and saved the people of Icemire from destruction.

The Goblin War was remembered in Icemire's history as a testament to the courage and unity of the vikings and mages. They stood together against great adversity and emerged victorious, saving their home from the goblin threat. However, much was lost in the destruction, and there are now few wizards left to protect and maintain the remaining portals. Despite this, the people of Icemire have worked to rebuild and thrive, aided by the valiant efforts of their defenders.

Realms are specially designed areas that can be either private or open to other players. Private realms are exclusive to you, while open realms allow you to interact with other players. Dungeons, on the other hand, are randomly generated areas that are associated with a specific realm. They can usually only be accessed by a small group of players at a time, making each experience unique and exciting.

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