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Lowbird forest

Recommended levels 1 to 5

Lowbird Forest is a large and sprawling wilderness, filled with water bodies and teeming with animal life. It is also home to roaming goblins, making it a dangerous place for travelers. The forest is located at the beginning of your journey, and you must escape it in order to reach the realm of Icemire. Near the entrance to Lowbird Forest, you will find a small area with a general shop. This area is one of the few safe havens within the forest, and is a good place to restock on supplies and gather your strength before venturing deeper into the wilderness.

More about Lowbird forest

  • This realm is medium in size.
  • The maximum number of players for an instance is 1.
  • The recommended level range for this realm is 1 to 5.
  • This realm has a player-versus-environment (PVE) focus.
  • This realm has objectives for players to solve.
  • This realm has dungeons for players to explore.
  • Looting player corpses is not allowed.

Origin story

The realm of Lowbird Forest was a vast and sprawling wilderness, filled with towering trees and sparkling streams. It was a place of great beauty and tranquility, where the only sounds to be heard were the rustling of the leaves and the call of the birds.

But as the world of MudGate began to grow and change, the peaceful realm of Lowbird Forest found itself at the center of a great adventure. A special portal was created that would allow adventurers to enter the world at this peaceful location, and soon the realm was filled with brave heroes seeking to test their skills and explore the vast and varied landscape.

As more and more adventurers passed through the portal, the realm of Lowbird Forest began to change. The wilderness was tamed and settled, and the peaceful animal life was joined by fierce and powerful beasts. The streams were dammed and the forests were logged, as the new adventurers sought to make the most of their new home.

Despite these changes, the realm remained a place of great beauty and wonder. The soaring trees and sparkling streams were a constant reminder of the magic and mystery that lay at the heart of MudGate. And it was here, in the realm of Lowbird Forest, that many a great hero was born.

Realms are specially designed areas that can be either private or open to other players. Private realms are exclusive to you, while open realms allow you to interact with other players. Dungeons, on the other hand, are randomly generated areas that are associated with a specific realm. They can usually only be accessed by a small group of players at a time, making each experience unique and exciting.

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