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Lowbird forest

Recommended levels 1 to 5

This is where you begin, an infested forest you must escape to reach Icemire. Lowbird forest is a large forest and wilderness filled with water bodies, and is comprised mostly of animals, roaming goblins and some human safe areas. Near the entrance to the realm you can find a small area with a general shop, and a large portal leading to Icemire realm. Unfortunately, the portal is broken and needs to be repaired.

More about Lowbird forest

  • Huge sized realm.
  • Max players for an instance is 1.
  • Recommended levels 1 to 5.
  • Player versus player is restricted.
  • This realm has objectives.
  • This realm has dungeons.
  • Player corpse looting is restricted.

A realm is a crafted area that can either be your private realm or an open realm where you can meet other players. Dungeons are procedurally generated areas associated with a realm that can usually only be entered by a few players per instance.

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