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Miserable Lands

Recommended levels 15 to 23

The Miserable Lands are a harsh and unforgiving region, scarred by volcanic activity. The landscape is dotted with large boulders, some of which contain molten rock or magma within their depths. The region is largely barren and devoid of natural life, with the soil itself being barren and lifeless. The heat and ash from the volcanic activity have made it nearly impossible for plant and animal life to thrive in this region.

More about Miserable Lands

  • This realm is large in size.
  • The maximum number of players for an instance is 50.
  • The recommended level range for this realm is 15 to 23.
  • This realm has a player-versus-environment (PVE) focus.
  • Looting player corpses is not allowed.

Origin story

The Miserable Lands were not always the harsh and unforgiving region they are now. In fact, they were once a thriving region, home to a number of different communities and civilizations. The land was lush and green, filled with all manner of plants and animals. The people who lived there were happy and content, living their lives in peace and prosperity.

However, one fateful day, a great magical experiment went horribly wrong. A group of powerful mages, seeking to harness the power of the land's many volcanoes, attempted to channel the energy of an eruption through a series of magical conduits.

But something went terribly wrong, and the experiment resulted in a massive explosion of magical energy. The explosion was so powerful that it completely wiped out all life in the region, leaving behind only a barren and lifeless landscape.

As the dust settled, the people of Icemire watched in horror as the once-beautiful region was transformed into a desolate wasteland. The survivors of the experiment fled to other realms, leaving the Miserable Lands behind.

Over time, the region became known as the Miserable Lands, a place of death and despair. Many of the survivors who fled to other realms told tales of the terrible fate that befell the land, warning others to stay away from the cursed region.

But despite the dangers, some brave adventurers still venture into the Miserable Lands, searching for treasure or seeking to uncover the secrets of the magical experiment gone wrong. They do so at their own risk, for the Miserable Lands are still a treacherous and unforgiving place, filled with danger at every turn.

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