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MudGate stats and bonuses

As your hero braves the dangers of the mortal world and advances from levels 1 to 19, they will grow stronger and more formidable, increasing their base stats and earning powerful bonuses along the way. Every level from 1 to 29 will bring a +1 increase to their stats.

But the journey doesn't end there - at eternal levels 20 to 29, they will continue to unlock new abilities and grow in strength.

When they reach the coveted levels 30 to 255, they will reach their true potential, gaining access to even more powerful bonuses and the ability to boost their max base stats up to a total of 40 (29 base + 11 boost) with the help of temporary boosts from extraordinary abilities and equipment.

Strength is an important stat that affects a character's combat abilities. Players may want to focus on increasing their Strength if they want to excel in melee combat or use heavy weapons more effectively.

Dexterity is an important stat in MudGate. It affects a character's agility and precision, making it useful for combat and dodging attacks. Characters with high Dexterity may have an advantage in avoiding or mitigating damage in combat situations.

Vitality is a stat that determines a character's health, endurance, and natural resistance to damage. Characters with high Vitality will have more hit points and may be able to withstand more damage in combat.

Perception is a stat that affects a character's awareness and ability to notice important details. It can be useful for detecting nearby encounters, seeing details in descriptions, searching for hidden objects, spotting traps, and reacting to danger.

A character's luck, which influences their fortune and various gameplay elements but does not improve with level, can be influenced by certain abilities or items. It can increase a character's chances of success in combat, abilities, and critical hit chance, and may also affect the outcome of certain events or encounters.

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