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MudGate weapons

There are different types of weapons that you can use with their own unique properties and weapons can be wielded in both hands (two-handed), main hand, or off hand.

Factors to consider

  • Damage type
  • Attacks per second
  • Trained weapon skills
  • Magical properties

Weapon type and default damage

  • Club (1d4)
  • Dagger (1d4)
  • Great Club (1d8)
  • Hand Axe (1d6)
  • Mace (1d6)
  • Quarterstaff (1d6)
  • Spear (1d6)
  • Shortbow (1d6)
  • Greataxe (1d12)
  • Longsword (1d8)
  • Shortsword (1d6)
  • Warhammer (1d10)
  • Whip (1d4)
  • Longbow (1d8)
  • Quarterstaff (1d6)
  • Unarmed (1d4)

Note: wielding weapons off hand without weapon skill may cause damage penality.

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