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MudGate Introduction

Explore, survive, and make it home to build a kingdom!

You awaken as a stranger to yourself in a foreign land, with only a few memories about a safe haven. Explore, improve, and most importantly, survive in these unforgiving lands to make it home.

Interact with everything, explore various biomes, and unravel the secrets of the land. Enjoy the seclusion and safety of your own sanctuary or participate in the open realms with others.


MudGate is a game with a heart that beats every 2nd second and counts this as a turn. Weapon attacks occur once per turn, and abilities can be used at any time during a turn.

It's all about the dice

All combat and abilities are noted with dice notations (d20) and you can see the results in your game log window.

Visual perception

As a player, you have a line of sight and your level of visual perception to see objects (hidden or invisible) in your environment.

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